Confirmed: Sunday’s incident was an attempted coup


By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

The Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu, has confirmed that the November 26th incident in Freetown was an attempted coup to unseat the democratically elected government of Sierra Leone.

He made the confirmation at the Ministry of Information and Civic Education weekly press briefing where he stated that investigations are ongoing.

 He said they were currently embarking on a mopping up operation and have arrested some assailants.

Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah, said due to the incident on Sunday, a total of 14 officers of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces were killed, and that one police officer, one prison officer and three assailants, were also killed.

He disclosed that 13 military personnel and one civilian have been arrested and currently being investigated.

He further disclosed that the Sierra Leone Police has issued a wanted list of culprits, including former Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police, Alfred Karrow Kamara and former Minister of Trade and Industry, Ibrahim Washinga Mansaray.

Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Peter Lavanhun, narrated that at around 2 to 3am on Sunday, some people attacked and broke into an armoury at  the Wilberforce Military Barracks and stole some weapons.

 He said during that process, firing was exchanged in which one of the assailants was killed.

He said they have arrested the officer that was in charge of the safety of the armoury and he is currently being investigated.

He said the assailants also attempted to attack the Murray Town Military Facility, but were not successful.

 He disclosed that during the process, one of the assailants was also killed with former President Ernest Bai Koroma’s  bodyguard,Leather Boot, arrested.

Acting Director General of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service Colonel, Sheihk Suliaman Massaquoi, said on the 26 November, the security of the Freetown Correctional Service was breached, and  that 1,119 inmates at the Male Correctional Centre escaped while 100 female prisoners also escaped.

He said amongst the escaped prisoners, 144 male prisoners have returned to the facility, including famous musician LAJ, with 16 female inmates also returned to the prison facilities.


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