Conex clears the air on Grafton saga


Conex Energy Sierra Leone Limited has cleared the air on the recent misbehavior of two of their stations attendants; a behavior the company has condemned outright and assured customers of quality service in line with the company’s core values and standards.

The Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) on Monday suspended the Conex filling station at Grafton where they claimed that the company’s station attendants soled fuel above the government registered prices. According to PRA, the company was fined Le50 thousand Leones for the breech.

But the management of Conex strongly and vehemently condemned such behavior, which they say is not reflective of our core values and standards.

“We place a very premium service and customer satisfaction and regularly conduct training sessions for all our station staff nationwide. We are therefore extremely shocked and disappointed at the behavior of these station staff at Grafton and Lungi,” the company noted.

According to the company,station attendants working at filling stations are directly employed by dealers who are charged with the responsibility of managing these two stations in line with Conex core values and standards.

“Conex management has reached out to the two station dealers concerned and they have both that they will terminate the services of the two employees with immediate effect.”

And,accordingly,one of the staff at the Lungi Filling station has been sacked for her misbehavior.


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