Concerns over huge traffic at Jomo Kenyatta Road


By Jariatu S. Bangura 

Concerned citizens have called on the Municipality Mayor Aki-Sawyerr, and Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Moinina David Sengeh, to consider finding ways about the ‘unnecessary’ traffic jam the International School causes every morning since the opening of school.

Since the opening of schools last week, parents and guardians take their children and wards to school along the Jomo Kenyatta Road and King Harman Road axis, while workers also use the same route to go to their various work places and businesses.

According to Josi Will, there was need for a sit and talk session between the school authority and other concerned stakeholders to address the challenges, especially for other citizens that are going for work or doing their business on time.

“It affects all of us who use that road, financially and mentally. Why should one school hold our morning hostage? We need help. Let’s talk and find a workable way. International School does not own Jomo Kenyatta Road, King Harman or Hillcut,” she expressed.

A pupil of the E. B Williams Municipality School, Hassanatu Jalloh, also expressed that sometimes they had to alight  from vehicles and trek to school just to avoid being late.

“The police used to stand here to control the traffic but  throughout these past days, we have not seen them and I don’t know why. The government really needs to do something tangible to cut down on this menace,” she stated.

According to Mohamed Sesay the traffic will end by following week, and that the reason for the unusual traffic was that every parent can just be crazy seeing his/her child to school for the very first day. “If not all, most tries to be there.”

Also, Noel Newman, expressed his dismay over the unnecessary traffic in the morning along that axis, describing it as an unbearable one. “I spent over an hour yesterday at Hill Cut on my way to the office.”

For Matilda Williams, the purpose of the call was to spark off conversation that would lead to  positive action.

 “If the solution is for me to take off earlier in the morning what then should I do to avoid getting stuck in traffic for 45 minutes between New England and Youyi Building every working day between 2pm and 3.30pm. Let the conversation continues,” she said.

However, one Aziz Turay, a hawker raised the same issue, stating that both the International School and the Modern High school cause a lot of traffic and even them hawking by encounter difficulties, thus calling on concerned authorities to call on the police to help them control the situation.