Community health worker testifies in court


By Yusufu S. Bangura

A Community Health Worker, attached at Bamkoh Village, Off Tombo, Benjamin Musa, has  told Justice Monfred Sesay what transpired between one Pa Lamin Kanu, complainant,and Ibrahim Junior Sesay,accused.

The witness told the court that he recognized both  the accused and the complainant.

He said on the date in question, he was at his house around 12pm when he saw a military officer, Right Marker, who asked him to accompany him to Bamkoh Village with his motorbike, adding that himself together with the complainant and the accused went to the scene.

He  said upon their arrival, he saw the complainant showing Marker his land boundary, but few minutes later he saw the accused coming with his colleagues, who were insulting the complainant.

He continued that when the accused and his colleagues got closer  to the complainant, one Santigie slapped the complainant and that he also saw Foday Sesay hitting the complainant on his ear.

 He said he saw the accused hitting the complainant with a cutlass on his head and blood started oozing from his head.

He said when he confronted them as to why they did the said act to the complainant, they also beat him and that when one  Ishamel Conteh also asked the same question they  beat him up.

He told the court that after the incident, he went straight to the police station and reported the matter.

 He said at the station, he was issued with a police medical form for treatment at Rokupa Hospital and later returned to the station with the endorsed medical and they obtained statement from him.

The witness was cross examined by Lawyer Randy S. Bangura on behalf of the accused person.

He further renewed his application for bail, but the prosecutor objected to bail, relying on his affidavit opposing to bail.

Justice Sesay refused the accused bail and ordered the prison officers to take him to the Male Correctional Centre until Tuesday 14th November 2023 for further hearing.


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