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Communities protest non-completion of ECOWAS electrification project

March 4, 2021

Alhaji Kanja Sesay Minister Of Energy Press Briefing - Sierra Network -  YouTube

Minister  Kanja Sesay should do something about the issue

Western Rural communities including Waterloo, Hastings, Allen Town  and a host of others, have raised concern over the failure on the side of government to ensure the completion of  the ECOWAS funded electrification project that was being implemented by Energy Ventures, a Ghanaian company.

In in 2014, Energy Ventures Ghana Limited won an international competitive bidding for the supply and installation of transmission and distribution materials within communities across Freetown and it immediate environs.

The company started operations on 17th May, 2015 and the said project was supposed to have lasted for eight months.

The Emergency Electric Power Supply Programme was funded by ECOWAS, through grant to the Government of Sierra Leone to provide electricity for deprived communities in the Western Rural.

The project, which was supposed to have lasted for eight months, had been delayed for over five years due to the negligence on the side EDSA of to release the needed funds for the company to complete work.

An interview conducted by this medium in communities where the project should have been implemented, residents expressed frustration that they are yet to enjoy electricity due to the negligence of government to ensure that the project is completed.

“We want the project completed because we have right to enjoy electrity.We have been deprived for years without electricity and we were happy that this project came here, but are disappointed that it is yet to be completed,” said Mohamed Kamara, a resident at Hastings community.

Similar sentiments were expressed by residents in the Western Rural communities.

Meanwhile, the contracting company has executed a larger portion of it part of the bargain, but EDSA is still reneging on disbursing the needed funds to complete the project.

In a recent letter to EDSA, the Managing Director of Energy Ventures, Krishnan Nagarajan, stated that it is getting to two years and two months and that the company still did not have any response from EDSA for the payment that they are supposed to clear.

“From sources in Sierra Leone, we have been reliably informed that EDSA is not interested in the project anymore and thus they maintain salience over the payment issue. Materials are lying in the Lumley beach area and quite a number of LV Steel pole are lying in the areas that were part of the project list to be electrified and we have removed all our security personnel from these places and we do not have a clue on the status of these items,” he complained.

The managing director continued that,, “Our tolerance  level have been overstretched and we cannot sit quiet any more for this nonsensical attitude of EDSA to continue. This is to inform you that we will with immediate effect start our legal proceedings to get our dues paid, the processes of which have already been explained by our legal team. No out of court settlement would be agreed upon, once the legal process starts.”

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