Commonwealth Youth Games


Swimmers underperform in Games debut

  July 21, 2017 By Sahr Morris Jnr

Isha Kanu ready to get-off the starting block

Sierra Leone swimmers duo marked their debut in the ongoing Commonwealth Youth Games on a poor start as they failed to make a positive start at the Betty Kelly-Kenning National Swim Complex, Nassau Nassau, Bahmas.

Both Isha Kanu and Abdulia Sesay took to the pool last Thursday in the 50m heat Breaststroke and backstroke preliminaries respectively, but could not match-up with the competition speed from others.

Abdulai Sesay increased from his previous 39:09sec to 39.40 sec which is now his first world swimming federation, FINA timing for the 50m backstroke and the youngster blamed a bad start for his poor performance.

“I had a bad start on the block, slipped off and then sunk deep down in the water, making me to lose my stamina and power to push and catch up with the speed of the race,” he said.

For Isha Kanu, she finished behind the rest of the other competitors with a miserable 10:25 sec, a performance she described as a difficult one. She said: “It was a difficult race for me. I just tried hard to stay in it and then build up on my chase.”

However, the pair will today again take the pool in the 50m Freestyles and are both hoping to get better performance in the next strokes.  Elsewhere, Foday Kallon and Fatmata Awolo will take the track  in the 100m preliminaries at the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas before racing in the 200m dashes.