Commissions of Inquiry are a must!


January 21, 2019

By Mohamed Massaquoi


President Julius Maada Bio has expressed determination that nothing will stop his government from fully implementing the Commissions of Inquiry, stating that corrupt individuals have threatened to fight back so as to disrupt the entire process.

President Bio was on Friday addressing supporters at the Koidu community field during a thank you tour to the diamond rich district of Kono.

He observed that corruption has seriously disrupted development process in Sierra Leone and that the poor have been oppressed by selfish individuals for their personal gains.

He said the Commission of Inquiry will serve as a great relief to the people as monies that would be retrieved through the inquiry will be used for the general good.

“Paopa Commissions of inquiry must go on. Some people have attempted to fight against us but we are ready to fight back as long as we are recouping your monies. The decade long civil conflict in Sierra Leone was a senseless war. This time the war is against corruption and anybody who decides to fight against us, we are ready to fight back. I am in Kono to say thanks to you for taking a difficult but prudent decision of electing me as president of the Republic of Sierra Leone. I made promises and have started fulfilling some of them. I have started the free quality education programme without any donor funding but rather monies recouped from corrupt people. I have brought six ambulances that have been rehabilitated for the people of Kono because the previous administration looted all the ambulances bought during the Ebola fight,” he said.

He told the gathering that, “I have also given ministerial and other positions to indigenes of Kono as part of my promise. My government has brought a university to Kono so that the capacity of our youth can be built to make them competitive for the job market.”

He reiterated that those who have mismanaged state resources should pay back before the commencement of the inquiry.

“This commission of inquiry is not to lock people up in prison but rather collect our monies from them. I want to assure you that nothing will stop this process. Before now, this country was rated the worst on corruption index. Immediately we took up office, we have now been graded to 71%. We have started regaining our international recognition after a very long time,” he concluded.

Mayor of Koidu City, Mathew Komba Sahr, commended the president for what he referred to as ‘ a job well done’ since his election some few months ago.

He said they believed in the president’s free quality education programme as it will foster development in the country.

“I feel very proud as the mayor to have received the president and his entourage to the city of Koidu.His visit is very remarkable and the people of Kono have clearly demonstrated that by coming out in their numbers to welcome him. The president’s  flagship project which is the free quality education programme has taken off fully in Kono and we are all in great support of it.I also want to report to you Mr. President that the monthly Saturday cleaning exercise has helped us a lot.  Another thing the people of Kono are pleased with is the University of Technology which will be constructed shortly. I am sure this university will give the appropriate education to the youth, so that they can get better employment,” he said.