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Clique Boys Say NO to Violence  

August 24, 2017 BY Ibrahim K.Turay

Following series of violence activities orchestrated by youth mainly from the east of the capital, a group known as Street Ambassador for Peace, yesterday (23 August, 2017), at the Regent Square Municipal Primary School in Freetown, brought together and stroke peace among the various gang groups that have been causing mayhem across the country.

All of the gang groups who converged at the peace accord yeaterday vowed to stay away from all forms of violence and embrace peace for the betterment of the country.

It is glaring that clique gangs are accustomed to engaging in violence activities across the city, and many observers have been blaming politicians for allegedly fueling such activities.

Yesterday’s conglomeration was to put to an end what the ambassador referred to as ‘colour madness’ which has been one of the reasons for  violence among  gang groups.

The clique boys, who identify themselves with various colours including red, blue and black, are always at one another’s throat, stabbing and killing one another.

Sorie Ibrahim Koroma A.K.A (Sheik), leader of the Street Ambassador, said the gang groups that were present at the peace ground on Lightfoot Boston Street, were there to strike compromise.

He said the occasion was a symbolic ceremony that would set the pace for everybody to be free to go to wherever he or she wants to.

“Those that represent black will move to area where the M.O.B boys live and those representing Crips would also go to the others. We are all brothers. It is high time we stopped fighting one another,” he said.

He further said that they were planning to form a tax force that would be there to see how they can control the fighting among themselves.

“Our tax force would be in uniform and would be present whenever there is public holiday or any other public gathering to monitor their activities. Only a gang can stop a gang,” he noted.

Assistance Superintendent of Police, Alhaji M. Bangura, who doubles as the Operation Officer at the Central Police Division, said he has met with President Koroma and has promised that he will help them with jobs.

He added that he was going to organise a peace match from Up Gun in the eastern part of the city to Youyi building in the west.

Ibrahim Bangura A.K.A Baw-waw, CEO of M.O.B, said he was very happy about the peace dialogue because “ I am tired of fighting and wounding.
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He said the clique movement has tightened his freedom as he wouldn’t go to certain communities where his opponents were.

Michel Stevens, CEO of another gang group called West Coast Gang, said it was time for change, but that the change should be actualised by President Koroma who had promised to provide them with jobs.

 “We are fighting because we don’t have jobs. President Koroma promised to lay his life for the youth in his second term but he hasn’t done so. You know the idle mind is the devil’s workshop,” he said.

Another gang known as Monk Slong, Central five ‘O’, said they were ready to make peace provided their opponents were ready.

 “We all are Sierra Leoneans. Why should we fight each other? Let us say no to violence in the country,” he said.

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