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CinASL donates equipment to Fire Force

September 3, 2021

By Yusufu S. Bangura & Tutan Sesay

To help boost the fire sector in Sierra Leone, the National Conference of Christian in Action Churches in Sierra Leone (CinASL), through the support of the Indian Lake Volunteer Fire Department in the United States, donated firefighting equipment to the National Fire Force.

The donation ceremony took at Fire Force headquarters, Circular Road in Freetown.

Speaking during the donation ceremony, Acting National Superintendent for CinASL, Rev Andrew D. Kanu, said the mission came into being in 1969, adding that they focused not only on church activities but other activities because they have what they referred to as the integral mission and  help in national development of the country.

He said when Jesus was on earth, he preached the gospel and also fed people, so as a church they wanted to follow the footstep of Christ, therefore they too would not just preach, but also reach out to the poor.

He continued that they have churches and mission schools across the country, adding that some months back they supported the police force with items to help them in their work.

Rev Kanu said the mission is also part of the government and it is mandatory for them as Christians to pray for the leadership in authority.

“We are here as a church but also to fulfil our social responsibility to cater for the deferent forces in Sierra Leone, focus on education and also the development of our beloved country. What we brought here today is a small gift but we want fire force to accept it in good faith. I am also pleading with other Christian ministries to replicate by not just giving spiritual food, but to also reach out to national institutions,” he said.

On his own part, Chief Fire Officer for National Fire Force, Nazir Ahmad Alhaji kamanda Bongay, thanked the mission for the donated items, which he said were significant to them as firefighters.

He said the presence of the mission to them marked another milestone in the life of the fire service, adding that their concern, interest and sympathy for the fire force are noted with great appreciation.

Mr. Bongay said it was very difficult for someone who is not a firefighter to know that there was a time between life and death, noting that in their work they have to fight dangerous fight.

He said over the years they were fighting fire with little equipment and many people thought they were just playing around whenever they went to fight fire incident, so he called on other organisations to support them with equipment.

“Last year, we recorded closed to 600 fire accidents across the country, but this year from January to August we have recorded more than 1000 fire accidents in the country. So, it tells us that firefighting is becoming a phenomenon which needs to be improved. I want to assure the mission that we would use your protective kits to the best advantage of Sierra Leone and we would fight and fight more,” he said.

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