Chosen Generation urges govt. to ensure free quality education


August 28, 2018

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Chosen Generation Sierra Leone, a youth-led  leadership development organisation that advocates for the empowerment of young people through the provision of relevant training and educational opportunities, mentoring, coaching and support, has urged that the government’s free education scheme be of quality.

The organisation made the call in a press statement released over the weekend as part of their contribution to the launch of the free education initiative.

‘’We also note the government’s commitment to ensuring that the scheme does not rob the process of acquiring education off quality,” the release states, adding that there was a very high risk that the lofty project intended to provide millions of Sierra Leone children with much needed access to education could end up hugely compromising quality.

The organisation observed that the word quality has long been a forgotten element in Sierra Leone’s education system.

They stated that over the years, while access to education had improved considerably because of increased government and donor investment, there has not been a corresponding improvement in the quality of learning output especially from public education institutions.

According the release, the consensus nowadays is that it was considerably better to acquire quality education in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s than in the 21st century.

They highlighted challenges ranging from classrooms that are unacceptably overcrowded to teachers that are highly under-motivated.

“As our own contribution to nation building, Chosen Generation wishes to make the following recommendations, first by making teaching a noble profession, timely disbursement of Government Subventions/Subsidies to Schools and an efforts to de-politicise the process,” the youth-led organisation recommended, adding that while they concede that the free education is the brainchild of the new administration, they warned that an overly politicised process could set the initiative up for a spectacular failure.

“On our part, Chosen Generation hereby pledges its commitment to the initiative. We particularly would like to urge Sierra Leoneans and our membership in particular to provide financial and moral support to the process. Over the course of its implementation, we hope to roll out programmes and activities designed to support the development of education in Sierra Leone. We remain strongly committed to the ideals of youth leadership and youth empowerment,” the statement concludes.