Chinese medical team meets Ebola survivors


March 13, 2015 By Alusine Sesay

The Chinese medical team in the country on Wednesday, 11 March met with Ebola survivors that were discharged from the China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital at Jui, which was partly transformed into a holding and treatment centre for Ebola.

The survivors, who came from across the country, each received transport fare and a package of gift containing radio, anti-malaria drugs, millet, sausage, peanuts, candy and T-shirt. The Chinese medical team also taught the survivors the dangers of malaria, its mode of transmission, prevention and cure.

Senior Officer of the Chinese medical team, Colonel Shoulong Chen, said his colleagues knew their job, performed it well and saved many lives from the dreaded Ebola virus disease.

He said they are in Sierra Leone not only to treat patients but also to make new friends, and expressed his elation for the survivors that were treated at the China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital.

Medical Superintendent at the hospital, Dr. Alex Kanu, expressed his delight of meeting the survivors, who he described as “noble people in society”.

“You are a noble people and you should give thanks to God for such a blessing. Ebola is one of the most contagious diseases and you should say thanks to God for surviving its danger,” he said.

He reminded the survivors that the battle against the Ebola virus disease is not yet finished and expressed dismay as to why the Western Area Urban (Freetown) continues to record considerable number of confirmed Ebola cases while other parts of the country are recording zero new case.

Dr. Kanu blamed some survivors for the continuous recording of new confirmed cases, and admonished them to abstain from sexual intercourse for 90 days so as not to infect others with the Ebola virus.

He described China as a great friend of Sierra Leone and thanked the medical team for their tremendous contribution in the fight against the disease.

One of the survivors, Timothy Bangura, who is in his early teens and probably a school going pupil, described the Chinese medical team as heroes and champions in the fight against Ebola.

“The Chinese are heroes and champions because they made me survive the Ebola virus disease. If I’m given the option to grade all those who are fighting the Ebola in Sierra Leone, I can say the Chinese are the champions,” Bangura said.

Saidu Thoronka, another Ebola survivor, also expressed similar sentiment, noting that they survived because the Chinese medical team offered them the best treatment and forced them to eat good food while being admitted at the centre.