Chinese Health Team engages local authorities on Ebola


February 26, 2015 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

The Chinese Public Health Team currently in the country to help fight the Ebola viral disease yesterday engaged local authorities in the Western Rural District and the District Health Management Team on what needed to be done to end the epidemic in that part of the country.

Team Leader of the Chinese Public Health Team, Dr. Dong Xiaoping, said the purpose of the consultative meeting was to review, analyze and discuss the current situation of Ebola surveillance and response at the Primary Health Units (PHUs) in the Jui, Grafton and Kossoh Town communities.

He stated that they will be providing the much needed technical support, some funding as well as material support through their cooperated intensified training project and social mobilization.

“As you all know, in the three villages, Ebola cases still occur and there is an urgent need to do more. We will continue to fight Ebola together,” he said.

Also, District Medical Officer for Western Area, Dr. T. Samba, commended the Chinese for their “awesome support” since the outbreak of the Ebola virus in May 2014, noting: “Our relationship with China has moved from friendship to that of brotherhood.”

He admonished councillors and religious leaders, among others, to continue with the team spirit already shown until Ebola is finally defeated in the country.

“Let me thank the government and people of China for the huge support to our Ebola fight. Your support has indeed been invaluable. You have proved to us that you are a true friend,” he said.

A presentation by Dr. Tu Wenxiao from the Chinese Center for Disease Control indicated that from January 13 to February 23 this year, a total of forty-two (42) alert cases were recorded with five (5) confirmed to be Ebola positive.

He stressed the need to recruit more people in the three communities in order to detect Ebola related cases, as well as the monitoring of people who are sick from outside the communities.