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Chinese Govt. doles out scholarship to journalists

March 6, 2018 By Joseph S. Margai in Beijing

Executive Dean School of Journalism and Communication Prof. Hu Baijing (left) and audience (right)

The Chinese government, under the China Public Diplomacy Association, has awarded scholarships to eighteen (18) journalists to pursue Master’s degrees in Global Journalism and Communication in the School of Journalism and Communication at Renmin University of China (RUC).

The 18 journalists were drawn from Africa, South and South-East Asia, the Caribbean and Pacific.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of 2018 China Development Studies and Media Exchange Programme and Global Journalism and Communication Master’s Programme on Belt Road Initiative at RUC, Prof. Du Peng, Vice President for International Affairs and Alumni Development, said the 18 journalists would have to benefit from experience sharing with professors of the university over the period of their study.

He said they launched a global master’s programme in order to deepen cooperation and strengthen relationships between China and other countries of the world.

“RUC is a result-oriented university that would afford all the 18 journalists to enhance their skills in journalism. The School of Journalism and Communication of RUC was founded in 1955 and we have established partnerships with five African universities,” he revealed.

Counselor Liu Yutong, Information Department Director, Public Diplomacy Office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said this was the first time African journalists have been given scholarship to study for their Master’s degree in Global Journalism.

He noted that China has become the focus of the world because it has developed so fast in recent years, adding that they have a stable economy.

“I know that you have so many questions about China but after your period of study and work in China, you would be able to find answers to some of your questions. We would help you to get a full scale understanding about China,” he said.

Executive Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication, Prof. Hu Baijing, said a recent evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education reveals that RUC has the best journalism school in China.

He noted that their aim was to be the best journalism school in the world and to achieve that goal they needed to bring the best students from across the world to study in the school.

“We have launched five international programmes. We believe that through these programmes the university will be the best in the world,” he said and called on journalists studying in the school to always ask for help when the need arises.

Prof. Zhong Xin said the student journalists have multiple roles to perform during their stay in China, noting that they would have to study, work and explore China.

“You are ambassadors of your countries. You will be the link between your media organisations and that of China’s. You will travel to many places in order to understand China,” she said.

She revealed that in 2016, journalists that took part in the China Development Studies and Exchange Program reported 170 stories within one year, adding that they even published their own book on their experience in China.

She however expressed disappointment over the failure of one journalist to publish any story throughout the one year and noted that one of the important legacies of the event is friendship between China and the participating countries.

Prof. Wang Yiwei, RUC’s School of International Studies, gave a lecture on the topic: ‘Understanding Chinese Politics: Perspective from Lianghui” and dilated on the reasons China has grown from strength to strength even with a communist system of governance.

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