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Chinese Embassy holds Public Health Reception

June 5, 2017


Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone on Friday, 2nd May, 2017, held a public Health Reception and also bade farewell to the 18th batch of Chinese Medical team that succeeded in treating and operating hundreds of Sierra Leoneans of various diseases.

Speaking at the reception organised at the Spur Loop Embassy,  the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, His Excellency Wu Peng, said  more than 60 Chinese doctors and health experts with their local colleagues from Jui Hospital, P3 Laboratory and 34 Military Hospital were gathered at the embassy to witness the public Health Reception.

He said the ceremony fully reflected how friendly and close China and Sierra Leone were, not only in the fight against Ebola epidemic but also in the fight for the health and wellbeing of Sierra Leoneans.

He  mentioned 20 members of the 18th batch of Chinese Medical Team and the excellent job they have be doing at the Jui Hospital, adding that the 18th batch of the Chinese Medical Team led by Dr. Teng Zhaoyu started their work in February, 2016.

He said in the last 15th months, they  completed treatments for more than 40,000 outpatients, done more than 16,500 different kinds of medical checks, operated more than 560 important surgeries.

He said a lot of different surgeries have been done successfully at the Jui Hospital, adding that some of the surgeries were done for the first time in Sierra Leone.

He said the medical team would be returning to China with honour and good memories, disclosing that 20 members of the 19th batch of the Chinese Medical team were already in Sierra Leone to replace the 18th batch.

He said during the Ebola epidemic, China assisted Sierra Leone to build a P3 Laboratory just beside the Jui Hospital, and since then, China has sent six detection teams to help conduct Ebola virus detection works.

He said currently the 6th Chinese Detection Team led by Dr. Song Jingdong, together with their local colleagues, have not just done well in the Ebola virus detections, but have also established a Monkey Pox virus detection technology, developed Lhasa thermal virus detection technology, while  constantly expanding the P3 Laboratory bio-safety testing and monitoring capacities.

He said the medical team has treated many local patients, trained local nurses and doctors, introduced a lot of new medical technology, adding that they have also sent 15 medical personnel to go to china for learning.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation 2, Madam Zuliakatu Cooper, said the Chinese Medical Team first commenced work in Sierra Leone in 1973 and continued to work until in 1993.

She said the Medical team resumed operations in Sierra Leone in 2003 after a protocol was signed between the Government of Sierra Leone and the People’s Republic of China.

She said the team was attached to the Kinghamrman Road Government Hospital and that the period of work for a particular batch was two years.

He said the Medical Team worked at the hospital for 13 years, adding that after the outbreak of the Ebola virus in 2014, the doctors moved Kinghamrman Road Government Hospital to the Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital and started work in August, 2015.

She noted that the Chinese medical team contributed a lot in treating different kinds of diseases and also did a lot of serious operations in Sierra Leone, adding that China has contributed immensely to the health sector in the country for which the government was grateful for.

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