“China will recover stronger and more prosperous” 

-Assures  Ambassador Hu Zhangliang

February 21, 2020

Frederick V. Kanneh


Ambassador Hu Zhangliang and  Duwai Lungay from Foreign Affairs Ministry

 Chinese envoy to Sierra Leone, Ambassador Hu Zhangliang, has assured the general public through the media that, even though the Coronavirus poses serious threat to his nation (China), but that due to the robust measures put in place by the government, the epidemic would soon be defeated and that the country will recover stronger and more prosperous.

Speaking to the press yesterday at the Chinese Embassy in Freetown, the ambassador said the Government and People of China were united as one in combating the epidemic, adding that the President and Committee of the Communist Party of China have taken resolute measures in dealing with the situation.

He added that in order to show his commitment of waging war against the virus, President Xi Jinping personally went to inspect the community prevention work in Beijing and conveyed greetings and encouragement to the medical workers at the forefront.

“Chinese Government especially the branch in charge of the epidemic prevention, medical institutions and medical researchers have joined hands in optimising the epidemic control strategy and patient treatment plans,” he said.

He also noted that in it verge to combating the epidemic, China attached greater importance to international health cooperation and that the international community has given the nation valuable moral and material support.

“It is unfortunate thing that China was stricken by this virus just as it was unfortunate that some West African countries were hit by the Ebola virus in 2014. While containing the epidemic and preventing its further spread, China has been contributing immensely to safe guard the global public health security,” he said.

He concluded saying that China has the capacity, confidence and determination to not only fight the epidemic, but to also meet its economic and social development goals.

Deputy Director General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Duwai Lungay, said  the Government and people of Sierra Leone are  in full solidarity with the People’s Republic of China in this difficult time,and hoped that the war against the virus will be won shortly.

 “As a government, we believe that with the tough measures put in place by the Chinese Government, very soon the virus will be a thing of the past.  I will also want to assure you that Sierra Leone is always ready to render any help towards the eradication of the epidemic,” he said.

Meanwhile, the infection has dropped significantly since Tuesday, with fewer cases recorded.