‘China Kingho respects workers’ rights’


- Public Relations Manager

The management of China Kingho has said that the welfare of their local staff in their exploration sites in the North and South of Sierra Leone is their priority, noting that hundreds of Sierra Leoneans have been employed by the company who, he said, are being provided with improved conditions of service for both the skilled and unskilled.

Some of the workers are provided with accommodation at the camp site, a decent bed, mosquito tents and sheets, wool blankets to keep them warm and also a TV set with satellite connection, he explained. “The rooms are also equipped with refrigerators and wall fans and provided with 24 hours of water and electricity,” he added.

According to the Public Relations Manager of the company, Xin Li, their local staff are treated well in their work place during the execution of their duties, and that they are also paid a decent salary.

“The company is committed and determined to implementing the Local Content Policy in all our exploration sites and staff welfare is a priority to us,” Mr. Li said, stressing that all their workers are treated equally with their human and labour rights fully respected.

China Kingho’s Camp Manager in Tonkolili District, Amadu Bangura, said the company has been striving to do its best by providing basic amenities for their local workers. Rooms, he said, are allocated to local managers, drivers, mechanics, drilling workers and temporary restrooms, while cooks have their own room “just in case they have to stay over and cook for the night shift workers”.

A representative of the local workers said: “The Chinese treat us like brothers; we always get along well with them and we sometimes even play football together whenever we complete our scheduled work on time.”

He added that Chinese doctors periodically conduct checks on their health conditions and that they are being treated well.

Bangura said as Camp Manager, “the safety of our workers is a top priority of the company.” However, he said at the beginning of the company’s exploration work – because of culture and language barrier – many people had misconceptions but “after a while everything started to flow naturally”.

He said over-time workers are also entitled to get extra pay and the injured at work are usually taken to Massagna or Magburaka Government Hospital by the company for treatment.