China Kingho group set to start operations on its Tonkolili Iron Ore Mine


May 30, 2019

China Kingho Group, one of the leading mining investment companies in the world is poised to move into full scale operation on its mine site in the Tonkolili District.

China Kingho Group, holder of several large-scale mining licenses, with iron ore as its primary mineral of interest, sent a team of experts to undertake assessment of mineral property and facilities in Tonkolili District, with a view to start mining within the shortest possible time. Aside from it multi-million dollars projects elsewhere in the world on Mining, Energy, Transportation & Logistics, China Kingho has shown renewed energy in the development and exploitation of the Tonkolili iron ore mine.

Over the past week, the team of experts which mainly comprises of expatriates with vast experiences in diverse Mining & Transportation related fields (including Geology, Mining, Processing, Energy, Port & Railway) went to Kingho’s concession camp and mine sites (in Tane Chiefdom, Simiria Chiefdom and other Chiefdoms in Tonkolili District) to assess the viability of the imminent mining activities on the mine sites. To be Better planned and prepared, the team also visited Shandong Steel Group mining sites, existing processing plant, port and railway facilities. This move is viewed as prudent as it will lead to the formation of one of the biggest iron ore producers in the world and will set the stage for an accelerated re-start of mining activities within these mining concession areas.

This visit was geared towards validating the geological data (including the resource and reserve) from previous exploration work, verifying the feasibility studies and assessing the iron ore market economics as well as the investment & operational environment. This detailed information has put China Kingho on a good footing to kick start mining proper within this year.

The move by China Kingho Group has re-assured Sierra Leoneans that Kingho will start full scale operations soon. This will have a positive impact on the economy, through massive employment of locals, sourcing of local goods/materials and payment of royalties, surface rents, duties & other related taxes. “It is welcomed news for the government and people of Sierra Leone”, asserted one community elder in Tane Chiefdom, Pa Ibrahim Kamara.