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Chief Thonkla Urges Govt. to provide more detail on Black Johnson

June 7, 2021

Verdict 2018 Pen portrait: Thonkla: The commoner aiming for President –  Sierra Express Media

Chief Thonkla, the torchbearer for growth

While Chief Thonkla and his team are finalising his manifesto, there has been a clear change in political presentation in the country. The personality politics is taking a back seat and policy is finally being discussed. This growth along with acknowledgement and acceptance of Chief Thonkla’s view, that Sierra Leone needs a rebirth, to embrace her talent and release the potential of all her people, is welcomed by Thonkla and his team.

Growth is very much at the heart of Chief Thonkla’s approach, and while others will seek to criticise and demean, belittle and disrespect, Thonkla and his team look to support and develop everyone. It is with great pleasure therefore, that the team behind Chief Thonkla’s campaign for Flag Bearer status wish to congratulate and applaud the plans to develop the Seaport and Free Trade Zone on the Island of Bonthe. The Presidents initiative is a great start and shows great promise. While the availability of information regarding the proposals have been slow in being released, the proposals are welcomed.

Chief Thonkla’s Team will be making efforts in the coming weeks to discover the full details of the proposal, including:

  • The forecasted environmental impacts.
  • The countermeasures to protect Sierra Leones fragile coastal ecosystems and industries.
  • The relocation provision for communities directly impacted by the proposed development.
  • The Connective infrastructure
  • The bidding and tender transparency commitments.

It is hoped, that these details will be made public so genuine, open and honest discussions can take place from a position of knowledge rather than speculation.

Chief Thonkla will be offering his support to maximising the effectiveness, security and transparency of the development and subsequent operations and future success of the port post 2023.

The Manifesto Thonkla’s team will present later this year will include details of his forward thinking and realistic plan to ensure the projects long-term success.

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