Chief Ouwe Dibbes meets Education Minister 


July 12, 2018

By Hawa Dauda

L-R: Education Minister Alpha Timbo and Chief Ouwe Dibbes

The call for free primary and secondary education in Sierra Leone has resonated with a good number of people both within and outside the country, with one such person being Honorary Paramount Chief Sander de Kramer of Boama Chiefdom in the Bo District, who has met with Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Alpha Timbo.

PC Sander de Kramer, also known as Chief Ouwe Dibbes, is a friend of Sierra Leone. He has visited Sierra Leone some thirty-six (36) times, rendering innumerable assistance to the people of Bo and Kambia districts.

The Honorary Paramount Chief’s contribution to the two districts in the area of education, agriculture, micro finance for women, lifesaving projects and sports, to name but a few, has helped residents in both districts immensely.

He has also supported the reintegration of children from the mines and supported disabled persons in the two districts with medication and skills training.

In collaboration with chiefs in Kambia, Chief Dibbes has also constructed one of the best secondary schools in Magbema and Bassia in the district and in Komende in the Bo district.

Welcoming the guest, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Alpha Timbo, expressed thanks and appreciation for the great work PC De Kramer has been doing to support vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone.

He assured him of his ministry’s maximum support and encouraged him to work with the district education offices in the two districts.

“Our government is ready to support such initiative because education is our flagship programme. We are committed in achieving our target goal in education as this is our top priority,” the minister said.

Responding, Honorary Paramount Chief Sander de Kramer expressed delight at the warm reception accorded him by the minister and his team, adding it would inspire him to do everything humanely possible for the betterment of the people of Sierra Leone.

“I will continue to support the children of this great nation through the government flagship programme. We share both initiatives in terms of providing benches and chairs to the school free of charge. I feel honoured to meet with the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education as we are in this drive together. We have supported disable people with wheel-chairs and construct centres for them where they’ve been able to learn skills for their livelihood,” he said.

He said that in 2010, the Chief of Boama Chiefdom in Bo district and his counterpart in Magbema chiefdom in the Kambia district honoured him with a chieftaincy title.

“This is in fulfillment of the work that I have done in both chiefdoms and in Kambia they call me Pa Komrabai Ouwe Dibbles,” he said.

Sander De Kramer is a media practitioner of long years standing. He works for the National Television station in the Netherlands.