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Chief enforces by-law in Gbondapi  Chiefdom

June, 9 2017 By Emmanuel Okyne

Chief Moinina Palma of Gbondapi   Kpanga Kabonde Chiefdom

Town Chief of Gbondapi   Kpanga Kabonde Chiefdom, Setia Kande Section, Pujehun District ,  Moinina  Palma,  said  his  section has enforced  a  by- law  and a fine  of Le 100,000   against anyone caught misusing the  treated mosquito bed nets.

The chief made the pronouncement last Friday during the Maternal and Child Health Week’s visit to the chiefdom, sponsored by UK/Aid through the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF).

Gbondapi   Kpanga Kabonde Chiefdom is a 12- mile drive from Pujehun district via a bumpy road.

Chief  Palma  said his  section has  worked closely with town criers  in various  villages to help create awareness on the proper use  of the treated mosquito nets, noting  he enforced  the law not  only for the campaign , but  to serve  as  a deterrent since community people were in the practice of using the net for fishing.

He said they have worked in collaboration with imams so that they could help disseminate the message on the proper use of the bed nets, adding they have been fully engaged in the monitoring process of the distribution of the nets.

The chief said household members were warned to be candid about the number of dependents residing in a particular household, noting that inflating the number was tantamount to corruption.

Chief Palma said  they worked  alongside  with   the Gbondapi  health post  in the chiefdom  as residents  were mainly   farmers , noting  that the whole chiefdom would not  wait  at home  for  health workers, but would  alternate the  days that farmers  would go to the farm  and those who would stay at home.

‘So, the ten days campaign will not hinder the planting season through which people earn their livelihood,” he said.

Community  Health Officer at   Gbondapi  health post,  Taheru   Abudulai,   said  674  households  would be targeted during  the  free mosquito treated bed nets  distribution , adding  that house to house method  would be used .

 The in charge said eight community workers would be engaged in the distribution process, noting 93 bales of treated bed nets were to be distributed to people.

 “Malaria is the prevalent illness in the chiefdom as it has been rated   high on the chart,” he said.

He said their health post was currently without malaria drugs for adult, but noted that under-five malaria drug was available.

Foday   Brima, Malaria Focal   Person, Pujehun District,  said   38 percent  of outpatient  cases reported  to the  government hospital  were  malaria , citing  the District Health Information System ( DHIS)  survey, which  showed  47 percent of malaria prevalence in the district.

He further said  18 catchment  villages access  the health facility  in the chiefdom , noting  that out of the 18  catchment areas, only four were  accessible via  road.

Brima said before the campaign, a macro plan was implemented, adding they would be working with 80 supervisors and 12 paramount chiefs to monitor the process.

He further said the targeted beneficiaries in the district for the bed nets would be 61,343,disclosing the district received a total of 4, 089 bales of treated bed nets.

The focal person for malaria said there was need to re-introduce district overseers, who would be in charge of the environment, adding that it would help reduce the occurrence rate of malaria in the district.

One of the beneficiaries in Gbonapi   Kpanga  Kabonde  chiefdom,  Bintu   Sannoh,  commended   health workers  in  the chiefdom  for creating  awareness  on the proper use of the  treated nets.

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