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Chericoco continues to magnify support in Freetown

January 22, 2018 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Support for the Vice presidential candidate of the ruling All People’s congress (APC) continues to increase in the city of Freetown, especially among the Fullah community -as the March 7, 2018 multitier elections draw closer.

Hon. Chernoh Ramadan Marju Bah last Friday, January 19, 2018, joined worshippers at the Ansar Mosque in the eastern part of the city to observe  Jummah prayer.

Supporters of the APC in that part of the city and members of the Fullah community turned out in their Chinese number to accord him a red carpet welcome. As an illustrious member of the Fullah Community, the former Deputy Speaker of Parliament is respected among his kith and kin.

He is seen by many as someone who is modest, humble and respectful among the Fullah community and the country as whole. He is also known for his philanthropy-helping the less fortunate across the country to be successful in society.

Speaking after Jummah Prayer, Hon. Bah stated that he decided to visit his comrades and others in the east to seek their unwavering support and prayers to ensure success for the APC in the elections.

He said his appointment as the party’s vice presidential candidate for the elections was a genuine one, which was why several of his tribesmen were awarded parliamentary symbols in the western area.

“I am an integral part of the All People’s Congress. Let me say this I am not coming to Islam because of politics. I am a Muslim and so I will be till I die,” he said and assured the executive and members of the mosque, which is dominated by his Fullah colleagues, of changing the face of the Masjid after the polls.

Speaker after speaker from the Fullah Community thanked president Koroma for recognizing the Fullahs’ and assured their son and the APC party of their full support by voting massively in the elections to ensure victory.

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