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Charles Margai secures bail for Sylvia Blyden

June 25, 2020

By Regina Pratt

Police explain why they arrested Sylvia Blyden – Cocorioko
Dr.Sylvia Blyden

Veteran Lawyer, Charles Francis Margai, is now representing Dr. Sylvia Blyden on the defamatory libel and sedition matter before Magistrate Hannah Bonnie and has yesterday succeeded in restoring her bail, which was earlier revoked.

“I apply that your worship reconsiders the bail that was executed and also apologies that there would not be any re-occurrence again,” Lawyer Margai applied.

Magistrate Bonnie then reminded Margai about a pending matter against Dr.Blyden at the High Court and asked the state prosecutor, lawyer Y. I. Sesay on the progress of the said matter.

But Sesay replied that he could not at that time provide any information regarding the said matter at the High Court.

On his part, Charles Margai dilated on the progress of the said contempt matter at the High Court, in which the judge had told the prosecution that the rules were not followed because documents were not properly served to the accused person.

Magistrate Bonnie then restored bail for Dr. Sylvia Blyden.

Dr.Blyden had her bail revoked and sent to the Female Correctional Centre by Magistrate Hannah Bonnie, after Lawyer Yusuf I. Sesay, drew the attention of Magistrate Bonnie to a certain social media message posted on her Facebook page.

He had told the magistrate that Dr. Blyden should do a disclaimer to the said message, but Dr. Blyden interrupted and told the magistrate that any order pertaining to the application of the prosecution should be in writing.

Magistrate Bonnie reminded Dr. Sylvia Blyden that one of her orders while granting bail during the previous adjourned date was that the accused should desist from sending messages on the social media on the matter.

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