CDP Calls on PPRC, NEC to Disregard Musa Tarawally


January 16, 2018 By Joseph S. Margai

CDP’s Augustine Julius Donnie (right) making a statement at the press conference

Executive members and supporters of the Citizens’ Democratic Party (CDP) have called on the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to disregard Musa Tarawally, whom they claimed had hijacked the party.

The executive members and supporters of the party made the above call in a press conference organised at Zion Entertainment Complex, east of Freetown, where they claimed that Alhaji Musa Tarawally, who has been claiming to be a member of the CDP, is not registered with the party.

Reading the press statement, Deputy National Secretary General of the party, Emmanuel Kalokoh, said CDP should not be used to promote infamous politicians especially if they fail to go through constitutional channel.

He alleged that the Chairman of CDP, Gibril Thullah and the Secretary General, did not seek the consent of the national executive before forming a coalition, alliance or merger with Musa Tarawally, adding that latter has never visited the party’s headquarters on Black Hall Road in Kissy, east of Freetown.

“Their failure to consent us in the formation of a coalition with Musa Tarawally, which is acting against CDP’s constitution made the said coalition null and void. We want to draw the attention of PPRC, NEC and other institutions of government that the deliberate attempt by our chairman, secretary general and Musa Tarawally to hijack CDP is an abuse of power,” he said.

He noted that the party’s executive will take legal action against any member that is behind such unconstitutional act to destroy the good image of our party.

National Organising Secretary, Augustine Julius Donnie, said Musa Tarawally is not the flagbearer of CDP and that he should not mention the name of the party in any of his political activities.

He said he did not go through the constitution to become a flagbearer of the CDP, adding that the symbol that Musa Tarawallie is using is not that of the CDP.

National Young Generation Leader, Ibrahim S. Sesay, said he was part of the formation of CDP in 2012 and that he is aware about all the national structures established to contest the 2012 general elections.

“We have never got a record of the registration of Musa Tarawally. I have all the names of the national, regional and district executives and ordinary supporters but there is nowhere that the name Musa Tarawally appears,” he said.

He said when the CDP was about to die after the death of the founder and 2012 presidential candidate, Joshua Carew, they were there to galvanising support for the party.

“Where were him and the so-called chairman that had sold the party to him?” he questioned. He noted that they would not allow any politician to act beyond the dictate of the party constitution.

Other national, regional, district executive and supporters of CDP expressed their annoyance over the hijacking of the party from them by Musa Tarawally and Gibril Thullah, who they vowed to fight to the finish to ensure that justice prevails.