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Camborne School of Mines Uses AMR Gold For Quality Research In Africa

August 14, 2017

(l-r) Thadeus and Andrew from Camborne School of Mines

AMR Gold, a leading exploration company based in Sierra Leone, has hosted two MSc students pursing Mining Geology from one of the world’s most famous integrated mining schools in the United Kingdom-Camborne School of Mines.

Andrew Thomas Nisbet and Thadeus Oscar William Shipley did their Bachelor of Science degrees in Geology from Plymouth University, South West England.

Exclusively speaking to AYV’s TV popular Wake Up Sierra Leone program, Thadeus Oscar William Shipley and Andrew Thomas Nisbet said they were looking to do their research with a reputable mineral exploration company in Africa which has a well-designed exploration plan, that can match the quality assurance prescribed in their research proposal.

As part of their research project, some geological samples will be collected and taken to the laboratory for various analysis and interpretations.

Thadeus explained that his thesis will focus on “Analyzing lithium anomalies on AMR Gold’s Wilkinson Hill target.”  He said he was pleased to visit the AMR Gold exploration site, noting that the company has experienced geologists like Salim Sillah, an alumnus of the Camborne School of Mines. He thanked AMR Gold Management for providing the opportunity.

Andrew Thomas Nisbet revealed that Sierra Leone is their first Country they’ve visited in Africa and found AMR Gold’s operation to be impressive. He stated that his MSc project focuses on “Analysing gold grades and structural controls on gold in the Ranongo target area.”

“The results that will be produced by us can proudly stand up to any academic document or a research document that any mining company would make reference to in the near future,” he affirmed.

Asked why Camborne School of Mines is the envy of academic excellence, Andy said that the Camborne School of Mines now hosts a unique combination of scientific and engineering expertise in geology, mining and minerals processing, and applies this to world-leading research and teaching.

AMR Gold’s Chief Geologist Salim Sillah said they were happy to host those MSc students as their presence shows that their work is recognized worldwide. He clarified that the MSc students collected various geological samples from trench, streams and drill cores for further qualitative and quantitative analysis in the modern state of the art Camborne School of Mines laboratory.

The Chief Geologist pointed out that the results from the analysis will be interpreted using numerous geological software programs which will enable the students to accurately define the paragenesis of mineral occurrences of the Gold, Lithium and Coltan host rocks on the company’s  Loko Hills Properties.

He went on to say that they are ready to provide the required support to other accredited researchers and students from CSM.

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