Broken elevators at Youyi Building

Youyi Building

The elevators at Youyi Building, which houses most of the government ministries, is currently broken with workers and other frequenters finding it very difficult to access most of the offices to conduct businesses.

According to what Concord Times gathered, the elevators have been out of operation for over 10 weeks now, with no intervention from the relevant authorities.

Concord Times observed that serious limitation of movement of workers, especially those in offices housed on the top floors.

“We are suffering in this building, as we have no clue about when the elevators will be effective. You cannot go for lunch, because you will be wondering to climb over 200 plus steps in the building,” expressed one of the workers who preferred anonymity.

Another worker, who also preferred anonymity, told Concord Times that, one of the difficult challenges they are faced with, is to transport stationery to the offices for daily use.

“We have to pay hard labour to take them to our floor. There are many equipment and furniture which we want to transfer to the building, but we cannot do it now,” he said.

“There are age able people in our midst who take 40 to 50 minutes just to climb the stairs. The absence of the elevator also affects the administrative work because most of the aged do absent themselves from work because of fear of climbing the stairs.”


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