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Bonthe sea kid hawkers

By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh in Momarya

 Several children in a village in Bonthe district called Momarya survive by hawking goods in the sea as boats arrive from Mattru Jong, Gbagbantoke, Yargio, to name but a few, our reporter who has just return from the district says.

According to Alie Lahai, 10, selling fried bananas and fish along the seafront to arriving or departing passengers was the only means to eke out a living.

“I am a fisher man who does goes fishes within the surrounding sea water by boat and later get it prepared to be sold to passengers every day,” he said, adding that at the end of each business day he makes maximum profit of Le, 5,000 per day.

He further revealed he dropped out of school after the death of his parents, and was at present staying with his aunt, who is the breadwinner of the home.

A local harbour master, Joe Tommy, said they have devised measures in order to prevent the child hawkers from selling in the water to anchored boats, without success.

He however pleaded with humanitarian groups to assist the children with their schooling as they have all dropped out of school because their parents or wards cannot afford to pay school fees.

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