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Bonthe Pipe Borne Water Supply project in progress

September 11, 2020

By SALWACO Communications Unit

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The reconstruction and construction of the Bonthe Water Supply Project for the First Desalination Plant on Bonthe Island is currently in progress, according to report from the Island. 

The project is now in full gear after the symbolic signing of the contract to construct the Bonthe water project earlier this year.

The Managing Director at SALWACO, Joseph Munda Sandi, during the ceremony, said Bonthe Island will get a desalination pipe-borne water supply. 

Water is on the agenda of President Julius Maada as this was made known again in Parliament during State opening.

SALWACO is responsible for providing access to clean, safe and affordable water in every part of the country except Freetown. This project therefore, brings joy to the residents of Bonthe Municipality after the Island has gone almost forty years without pipe borne water.

The project has three-components; first is the  desalination component which is turning of saltwater into fresh and safe drinking water, second component is the reconstruction of the dilapidated degremont facility and third is the construction of office space and accommodations for SALWACO operational staff.

Three contractors symbolically signed this contract in the full view of the beneficiaries. The IPCS Company will do the construction of the office space and accommodations and GIS Construction will be in charge of pipe networking within the city. Sewa and Guangjin Company joint ventures, will construct the new desalination plant and will also reconstruct the old degremont treatment Plant. 

This project has now created the much needed jobs for young people in and around the municipality and it is hope that in the next couple of weeks more young people will get hired as the project progresses. 

This was among key messages from the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa during the signing ceremony noting that the money for the reconstruction and construction of the Bonthe water supply project will give young people the opportunity to be part of their own development.

 The provision of safe drinking water in every part of Sierra Leone has a direct link to education and good health and job creation. Hence, investing now in water will reduce future cost in managing health crisis such as cholera and other water-borne diseases at the same time keeping children healthy for education. This will in turn create employment for people in every part of the country.

Contractors are already busy  as they work together to complete the project within the given timeline. 

It is worthy to note that Bonthe Island has been abandoned for the last forty years. Thanks to “a talk and do “President who looks at every sphere of human development and has thought it fit to provide access to safe drinking water to all Sierra Leoneans including the people of Bonthe.

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