Bonthe Island demands bank


April 23, 2015 By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

Residents of Bonthe Sherbro Island have called on banking institutions to consider establishing a bank on the island.

The island, which is on the Atlantic coast and a former colonial trade hub, is a shadow of its past grandeur.

According to Pa Zombo Kamara, the island has long been deprived of a bank, which according to him gravely undermines business.

“Residents of the island are finding it difficult to access money through bank as they would always have to travel to Mattru Jong on boat before they could undertake banking transaction,” said Pa Kamara, an elder who had a taste of the good times when the island was a bustling business hub on the west coast of Africa.

A youth leader, Idrissa Amara, also expressed similar concern, noting that banks in the country, including new foreign banks, have ignored the island.

However, islanders use Airtel money transfer as their only means of financial transaction.