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Bonthe has no pipe borne water

By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

Residents of Bonthe Island municipality have called on government to renovate dilapidated water pipes and taps on the Island in order that residents can again have access to safe drinking water.

The district, residents say, has been without pipe borne water for many years. Evidence of this could be seen by the state of pipes and taps on the Island, a vivid remainder about the glorious days when the Island used to have basic amenities in place.

The new Ministry of Water Resources, headed by Momodu Maligie, a native of the Island, recently won the performance tracking award as best ministry in 2013, after it was commended for restoring pipe borne water in few provincial towns.

According to a local businessman on the Island, Alhaji Conteh, the Island has been neglected by successive governments and suffers from a lack of basic amenities, including water facility.

 “Bonthe Island water works stopped operation in the 90s and since then to now the Island only depends on drinking unpurified water wells,” he said, adding that residents of the Island are always vulnerable to water borne diseases due to unhygienic water wells, their main source of water supply.

A nurse at the Bonthe Government Hospital, Hawanatu Lahai, also said that the Island was exposed to water related diseases due to unsafe water wells. She further called on the government to focus some of its attention on the Island, which lags behind most districts in the country in terms of basic amenities.

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