Bogus Ebola ‘remedies’ including cobra hearts and porcupine eyeballs being sold by African conmen


SEPTEMBER 30, 2014

Bogus: Witch doctors have claimed eating porcupine eyeballs will cure Ebola
Bogus: Witch doctors have claimed eating porcupine eyeballs will cure Ebola

GettyBogus: Witch doctors have claimed eating porcupine eyeballs will cure Ebola
Witch doctors are cashing in on the Ebola epidemic by selling porcupine eyeballs and the hearts of cobras as cures.

The traditional healers in West Africa are even charging up to £200 for the bizarre remedies.

They insist the items, when eaten, will save victims from the killer disease which has now claimed more than 3,000 lives.

Among the other outrageous claims made by the ‘doctors’ in Sierra Leone and Liberia include eating raw onions for three days, drinking a spoonful of condensed milk and bathing in saltwater at midnight.

Details of the shocking conmen emerged as the US prepares to send 3,000 soldiers to Liberia to help the West African nation halt the advance of the worst Ebola epidemic on record.

US Major General Darryl Williams said: “This is about urgency and speed. So what you’re going to see here pretty soon is forces flown here.

“I have 175 soldiers and I have another 30 that are in other countries that are beginning to set up the logistics hub to fly forces in here.”

Williams said the US mission was planning to build and supply 17 Ebola treatment units across the country, but Liberian authorities would still be leading the effort.

At least 3,091 people have died from Ebola since the West African outbreak.

Meanwhile, panic spread across an African community last week after reports that two Ebola victims have risen from the dead.

The victims, both females in their 40s and 60s, died of the deadly virus in separate communities in Nimba County, Liberia.

But according to reports in a local newspaper, the pair have reportedly been resurrected and are now walking among the living, causing panic and fear among locals.

The New Dawn Nimba County said the late Dorris Quoi of Hope Village Community and the second victim identified as Ma Kebeh, in her late 60s, were about to be taken for burial when they rose from the dead.

Ma Kebeh had been indoors for two nights without food and medication before her alleged death.

Nimba County has recently reported unusual news of Ebola cases, including one about a native doctor from the county, who claimed that he could cure infected victims, dying of the virus himself last week.

Take a look inside the specialist Ebola unit at London’s Royal Free Hospital in the gallery below.

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