‘Blackpool is well prepared for the premier league’…Coach Abu Sankoh


January 17, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura

Head Coach of Mighty Blackpool FC… Abu Sankoh aka Short Abu

Head Coach of Mighty Blackpool Football Club, Abu Sankoh aka Short Abu,has  noted that they are well prepared and determined for the upcoming Sierra Leone Premier League.

With the league set to commence on Sunday, 27th January, 2019, the Mighty Blackpool tactician said he was working hard to get his squad to full fitness before the league kick-off.

In an exclusive interview with Concord Sports after the team’s evening training session at K.T field, Coach Abu Sankoh said as a team, they’ve done a few changes in the squad.

“We’ve signed few experiences and skillful players like David Moseray aka Sahr Geggema, Osman Kamara, Abdul B. Koroma. Other changes include the registration of the club to a company, a strong and recognised fan club that will also help the team financially, physically and morally,” Coach Sankoh said.

“I have the confidence in the squad and the players. With the training we are running now they can withstand and even defeat any opponent,” Coach Short Abu confidently said and further expressed optimism that his players were well prepared and determined to play for the club.

The Tiss-Tass boys coach called on the fans to help him motivate the players instead of ranging all sort of negative words for any mistakes. He also pleaded that supporters  occupy  Stand 16 and 17, which are  the traditional Mighty Blackpool space at the Siaka Stevens stadium.