Bethel World Ministries unveils Destiny Radio FM 93.9


February 5, 2019

By Jariatu S. Bangura

Lady Commissioner, Olayinka cutting the tape to the Radio station

Bethel World Outreach Ministries, Sierra Leone, yesterday unveiled and dedicated Destiny radio station FM 93.9 ‘the voice of Bethel’ which is geared towards establishing the family and reaching the young generations across the country.

Chairman of the occasion, Rev. Jonathan N.T. Cobna-Davies, commended the vision of the Senior Pastor of Bethel World Outreach to be reaching out to the needy, youth and families via the air.

 ‘’I believe, this is another milestone in the history of Bethel Ministries in Sierra Leone, as exactly two years ago, on the 4th February 2016, when they launched the Community Outreach Fellowship Ministry which is commonly known as ‘Home cell’ and now we are here to unveil the destiny radio station. I do believe this event will broaden our scope and also widen the geographical boundary within Sierra Leone. We should consider it a privilege to witness a program like this,” he said.

 According to the Chairman of the National Executive Committee of Bethel Sierra Leone and Senior Pastor Bethel Cathedral of Praise, Bishop Julius Laggah, some 8 years ago, they initiated the idea of using the media to reach out to people via mass communication.

 He said together with other senior members of the church, they succeeded, albeit they encountered some technical challenges twice but managed to overcome it.

He said there were plans to get a TV station but because of the cost, they thought it wise that the Radio station project would be a better initiative to reach out to the people.

 “We thought it fit that having a radio station will be less expensive and will realized earlier, as compared to that of a TV station hence we pursue the radio station. When you have a large congregation and they do not have alternative to listen to radio stations of the same teachings, they will end up listening to other stations that might confuse them either through doctrines or various practices, that is why we thought of establishing this medium,” he said.

He stated that as a ministry, they wanted their voice to be represented even though they have the ‘Good Moring Holy Spirit’ in other medium, which is limited because they did not have control over it.
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He said the station for the time being will cover  the Western Area and some parts in the east, but that they were on the verge of extending it nationwide for the hearing of the membership.

He commended Pastor Alie and Pastor Susan for the enormous support since the initiative of the Destiny TV started, and also commended youth for their support in setting up the Radio Station.

He said they would  make the radio youth friendly as most of the programs and teachings that would be aired would be for the edification of the young people.

He called on his pastors to give their endless support to make the project a success, as they were on the verge of getting another transmission that will be at Leicester Peak for wider coverage nationwide.

Hoalso,National Overseer of Bethel Sierra Leone, Rev. Abraham Turay, commended the visionary for the initiative and also thinking of the future generation, as most denominations were not considering young people as future leaders.

He said the radio is an important tool for the dissemination of information as when one looks at the young people across the country, they listen to all sorts of songs but with the station they would be empowered.

He noted that the venture was laudable since members will be able to get all that they wanted in terms of gospel programs that will attract young people, live transforming messages etc.

 “This station is ours and we can add our voices to it not only finances but we can showcase our talents and skills. There are people out there that are confused with different doctrines but now that we have our own, let us all as Pastors make it a point of duty to make the station a success story. Let us make it impact people out there. Let us use it wisely by broadcasting our programs from different Bethel branches and a message of unity and togetherness,” he pleaded.

Lady Commissioner, Olayinka W. Laggah, commended all those that provided  their support and pledges for the furtherance of the vision of the radio station and hoped that by next year, the initiative will be realised by the people out there and assured that all programs  that would be aired will  be life transforming messages.

Speaking on behalf of the  staff, Station Manager, Pornette Kamara, appreciated the aspiration of the leadership of the church for believing in the aspiration of the youth in the church, as some of them never knew they have ideas and knowledge to showcase but with the radio initiative, they have exposed themselves.