Bench warrants must be executed -Magistrate Jalloh insists


January 14, 2022

By Jeneba A Conteh               

Magistrate Abdul Rashid Jalloh of Court No. 4 on Pademba Road, Freetown, on Tuesday 11 January, 2022, admonished his Officers (prosecutors), in an open court that they should always execute bench warrant whenever an accused fails to come to court or jumps bail.

He noted that compromise has been made in certain cases that had been settled   outside without the knowledge of the court.

Magistrate Jalloh called on prosecutors to be bringing in witnesses to speed up matters and also admonished his registrar to be preparing committal within 48 hours for High Court to receive it.

In the area of signing warrant, the magistrate admonished the Correctional Officers to always watch for the signature of wither the magistrate or the deputy assistant registrar before taking accused into custody.

 He said they shouldn’t receive any warrant without the signature of a magistrate or the court registrar.

He called on officials to be working collaboratively in ensuring the smooth dispensation of justice for all and sundry.