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‘Beloz’: A Portrait of a Revolutionary Youth

August 23, 2016

He falls within internationally accepted definition of a youth. But though youthful, he has the gait and wherewithal of an experienced administrator. He is focused, determined, and has revolutionary ideas with which he intends to transform the Youth League of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) from a dormant organ into one which will be a proper training ground for future leaders of the APC.

Known to his peers, admirers and colleagues as “Beloz”, Ibrahim Yusuf Bangura figuratively falls within the category of the Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s archetype of those youth who rise before their time. But his rise to his present status came through hard work and determination. Despite his youthful age, Beloz has achieved an academic and professional feat which many of those his age are still dreaming of. Albeit he hailed from an influential family, he has never let such upbringing go up his head as his demeanour has always been humble, respectful, and he has always tried to carve a niche for himself—in other words, being his own man and self.

Fluent in the French, English and Mandarin languages, Beloz’s Master of Science degree in Business Administration and Corporate Management from the Shanghai University in China, and also a Bachelor of Laws degree with Honours from Fourah Bay College have prepared him well for future leadership. And when one adds his Advanced Certificate in “International Arbitration” from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in the United Kingdom and his attendance of a Master Class on “Strategic Organizational Leadership” at the British Council Auditorium in Freetown, then one gets the feeling that manning the affairs of the APC Youth League will not be a big deal for him.

With his impressive Curriculum Vitae and work history, Beloz has proven the African adage right that “when a child always washes his hands clean, he will eat with his elders”. But what manner of youth is Ibrahim Yusuf Bangura a.k.a. Beloz? Apart from travelling, acting, reading, swimming, driving, and listening to music, what else can one ascribe to his trait that points towards leadership? The answer: his ability to listen, learn, explore possibilities and think of how to implement policies geared towards reform.

A quick look at some of the topics of his academic papers will show Beloz’s trend of thought. In 2007, the topic for his LL.B dissertation was “Marital Rape & the need for Law Reform in Sierra Leone”; in 2012 for his MSc thesis his topic was “Public Management in Sierra Leone: Examining the concept of running a government as a business enterprise”, and in 2012 also he wrote an article for journal titled: “Running a government like a business: A myth or a reality?” These show that Beloz is a reform-minded youth who is not afraid to bring down boundaries and create new ones.

As a progressive youth, Beloz’s interests are social, educational and legal reform; human, women and children’s rights; innovation and entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment and participation. A youth with such interests, taking over the leadership of the APC Youth League will mean an enlightened and forward-looking leadership. And most importantly, he is someone who believes in teamwork and consultations.

And if there is anyone, who, at the present moment has all what it takes to take the APC Youth League to higher heights, that youth is Ibrahim Yusuf Bangura a.k.a. Beloz!

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