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Belarus-Poland border crisis: Families face bitter nights without shelter

There are 200 children and 600 women among an estimated 2,000 people massed along the Bruzgi-Kuznica border crossing separating Belarus from Poland, Belarusian border officials told CNN on Friday. Some of those are only babies or toddlers.

The migrants — most of whom are from the Middle East and Asia — are seeking to cross illegally into Poland, and from there into other European countries, particularly Germany, in search of a better life.

A lucky few have small tents; others have made rough shelters from the boughs and branches of the coniferous trees around them. Behind them is the forest; in front the razor wire fence erected by Poland to keep them out, patrolled by Polish police, border guards and soldiers.

Some have been waiting weeks now to try to cross the border and there’s a sense of brewing anger and frustration in the air. Some migrants have already died in the cold;

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