BBN to transform more communities in Freetown


January 28, 2019

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Ransford Wright reading the press statement

Chief Executive Officer of Believers Broadcasting Network (BBN), Ransford Wright, has told journalists that they intend working and transforming more communities in Freetown, through their Strength, Amplify, Listen and Transformation (SALT) project.

Wright was speaking at their S.S Camp Regent Office in Freetown last Friday, during the celebration of their three years operations in communities through the SALT project.

He stated that the process was mostly conversational and has aided deepen relationships and trust in communities, adding that the project started supporting post-Ebola recovery in Sierra Leone by promoting community healing after the almost three- year deadly epidemic.

He said the aim of the project has been to strengthen people’s resilience, health and wellbeing by promoting effective engagement with local service providers and using radio to amplify voices of the community.

He disclosed that they were working in seven communities in Freetown with strong group of volunteers from the communities, clinics and the churches, who regularly met with people in their homes and communities to listen and appreciate their concerns, their hopes and their strengths.

He further that the project was generating positive local actions by the communities themselves, such as improving community water supply, security and addressing teenage pregnancy, adding that people were seeing their potentials and abilities to effect  change in their own lives and communities.

He said they have witnessed tangible, measurable and material changes like pipe born water, feeder roads and community centre constructions, adding  that they have improved on dialogue among stakeholders, stronger participation in community projects and improved social capital for community volunteers.

He emphasised that they were amplifying stories from those communities to highlight what people care about and generate further actions from key stakeholders, thus encouraging other communities through drama and magazine programs on radio to be hopeful.

He said the project which was evaluated last year, has also built skills for volunteers and has enabled communities to come together more regularly to discuss things that were important to their community.

“This week, we have started our community meeting. In our first community engagement at Muhtomeh-the community that was devastated by mudslide, we noticed that there are still pains and many practical challenges in that community. Access to water and skills, but within that there is a strong desire to look for in the future, “he said.

He further stated that the community was supporting one and other with small loan schemes and there was a significant project been implemented.