Battle for supremacy at Agric. Ministry


…Two director lock horns   

August 1, 2018

By Mohamed Massaquoi

Usually reliable sources have intimated that most government activities at the Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security have come to a standstill for the past two weeks because former Director of Forestry, William Bangura, has refused to hand the keys to his office to his successor, one Alpha Umaru Leigh, who has been appointed to act in that capacity.

According to Alpha Umaru Leigh, Mr. Bangura received his official leave letter on 26th July 2018, but decided to lock his office and left.

 “We have asked him to make available the keys to the office and he has not only refused to do so but has abandoned all of us. This has made work very difficult for us because the director of this department is charged with the responsibility of the day-to-day running of the office. I have made complaints to relevant authorities, but Mr. Bangura is yet to handover the office keys,” Leigh claimed.

Asked about his relationship with the former director, Leigh said he had been working with Bangura for a very long time but that the latter’s attitude to staff was very much appalling.

“I am actually not against him because he was just sent on leave. This is a government institution and I am sure we are all working for the same objectives. This country must move forward and we must be diligent to our work as civil servants,” said Leigh, adding that government has to swiftly intervene to address the situation before things go out of hands.

However, in an interview with this medium, Mr.
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Bangura agreed that he had received a letter to go on leave and that he was preparing to handover the keys to the office.

“You cannot work for 20 years in an office and you are just asked to leave within few days. I am ready to handover at any time,” he said.