Basic Education Ministry urged to close down ‘illegal’ schools in Waterloo


November 27, 2018

By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Supervisor of Schools in Waterloo, Alex A. Koroma

Supervisor of Schools in Waterloo, Western Area Rural District, last Friday called on the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education to immediately close down ‘substandard and illegal’ schools within the district.

Alex A. Koroma was addressing participants at the Waterloo District Council hall during an interactive session with SEND Sierra Leone.

According toKoroma, some schools in the rural district are not fit for purpose as they lack the required documents from the ministry to operate as learning institutions.

“People are establishing schools in the district like shops. My fingers are restricted. I don’t have the powers to close down any school as my duty is to recommend to the ministry,” he said.

 “We want the government to close down or levy penalties on ‘illegal and substandard’ schools in the district. Honestly, some of these schools are not fit to operate.”

As schools supervisors cannot be everywhere at the same time, Mr. Koroma called for more inspectors and supervisors of schools to be recruited in the district to ensure proper monitoring at all times.

“To monitor 126 schools is not an easy task. Currently, we are only six in number as staff of the ministry in the district and Waterloo is a very big district,” he said.

Also, the supervisor of schools disclosed that the district currently has three senior secondary schools, with the bulk of the population at Peninsular Secondary School.

He urged the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education to approve more junior and senior schools in order to avoid over-overcrowding in schools.

He also urged the recruitment of teachers and pin codes allotted to them within record time as some teachers are currently without pin codes but they continue to teach.

Councilor Santigie Sesay of Ward 382 said: “There are some schools you will go to if you are told that this is a school, you will be surprised. For example, I visited a school having pupils from nursery to class six in a single room. I think those schools should be closed down to ensure the successful implementation of the free quality education school programme.”