Barefoot women benefit from India scholarship


September 20, 2018

Haja Mariama Danjaji received her package from Harish Agnani

The Indian government has given 10 barefoot women scholarships to study installation of solar energy for six months in New Delhi, India.

Before the recipients departed for India yesterday, Harish Agnani of the Indian Consulate told journalists that the departing group was the fourth batch of women the Indian government would train on the solar project.

“The first set of women who went to India on this project was in 2007 and they were Haja Nancy Kanu and Fatu Koroma, together with other women from 11 countries. These two women were the best during the training and because of their performance, the Indian government again continued the scholarships in 2009, 2010 and now 10 will be going this year.”

Harish said India believes in solar energy and that they were determine to help Sierra Leone achieve clean electricity through solar energy, adding that those women would be very useful in making sure that solar energy is everywhere.

“In the last three batches that went to India, 12 solar Mamas were trained and they in turn have trained 180 women. The Konta Line village where Haja Nancy Kanu resides has 40 KVA solar electricity and they have electrified 12 villages and the people are charged just Le7,000 as monthly fee,” he said.
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Chief Solar Engineer, Haja Nancy Kanu, thanked the Indian Government and Harish Agnani for his contribution in making sure they got the scholarship.

She boasted that they went to India and conquered, thus calling on the beneficiaries to excel and put Sierra Leone first so that the Indian government would give more scholarships in the future.

“It is because of our success story that gave rise to others to go and study about solar energy. When we were there, we studied about protector and charge controller, but these 10 women will study about inverter, charge controller, protector and bulb,” explained Madam Kanu.

Haja Kanu appealed to the ten recipients to pay serious attention to the course and come back to help their villages.

She said they went across the country to select the 10 women from different districts and that they ensured that those that were chosen were not from ruling houses, doctors’ wives or children because the intention was for the women to continue to live in the village till death.

Leader of the ten women going to India, Haja Mariama Danjaji, said they were going as a team and that they would want to come back and emulate those that went before them.

She said they were fortunate and promised to make good use of the opportunity and return to help their villages.

She thanked Harish Agnani and Haja Nancy Kanu for their immense contribution to the solar project and promised to fly the Sierra Leone flag and comport themselves so that more women would have the opportunity to go and study in India.

Mr. Agnani revealed that the air tickets cost US$2,000 each, while every woman would receive 25,000 Rupees (US$350) as living allowances and another US$60.00 for books.