AYV unveils Star Prize for Big Sister winner


October 11, 2018

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

AYV Media Empire Managing Director, Dr. Lakkoh unveiled the star prize

Africa Young Voices Television (AYV) Tuesday, 9th October, officially unveiled the Star prize for the winner of Big Sister Reality TV show at their headquarters on Wesley Street, Tower Hill, Freetown.

AYV Director of Operations, Samuel Wise Bangura said that AYV was poised to redefine journalism as they strive hard to go beyond the fundamental rules of the media in information, education and entertainment.
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“What we have done is to choose communications for development and this is where we will always come in with whatever that has gotten brighter initiative to transform Sierra Leone as a whole,” he said.

Bangura revealed that when head of Zedzee Multimedia Zainab Sheriff approached them with her idea, it was very easy for president of AYV media empire Anthony Navo Junior to act upon it because the message was very clear.

He quoted Navo to have said that, the show would be dramatic and that at the end of the day it would make Sierra Leone a great country “as it is what all of us are yearning for as a people.”

He added that they couldn’t have pulled it through without partnering with people who have ideas and initiative to ensure that the show was successful.

He, however, noted that they have received criticism that the Big Sister show doesn’t portray empowerment, but on the contrary, it is an empowerment platform.

“For as long as we have created that platform where we can give freely 12 young females the opportunity to make decision, to represent what they have been doing out there and think about how we can help to devise a model to ensure that they go beyond that and have what it takes to go into society and create that change, then definitely it is an impact,’’ he said.

Zedzee representative, Alex Nallo Jr., said they were very excited to have put together the Big Sister show, stating that it emphasises the fact that in Sierra Leone there was a platform to collaborate and do great things.

Nallo Jr. said Zainab Sheriff personally has a vision for the country to change the narratives of women through empowerment, adding that teaming up with AYV and Africell has been a great experience, and thanked everyone for taking part in the show.

Managing Director of AYV, Dr. Ezekiel Duramani Lakkoh recalled that when they were about to launch the show many were of the opinion that it was a very ambitious move, and that it would be difficult for them to live up to expectations.

He noted that what people, including journalists were questioning one month ago, they are now just a week into achieving one hundred percent.

Dr. Lakkoh said AYV is a Media Empire and also an organisation where people sit and build their capacity, adding that it is also a school as people come every day, sit and discuss around round tables.

‘’AYV currently is one of the most tuned channel in Nigeria. People are watching Big Sister in Kenya, so AYV is international,’’ he said.

He thanked the family of Ella Koblo Gulama, adding that they recently met with them and were helping with profiling the life of the great woman of Sierra Leone.

“Those who think Big Sister show is just a fun, it is not. To us, it is something different and I’m saying this because I’m an educated person. If you don’t believe, ask me,” he said, and urged Sierra Leoneans to invest in women.

Africell Communications Manager, Eku Lake congratulated Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad for accepting and embracing Big Sister Sierra Leone 2018.

“When we first heard about this project from AYV and Zedzee Media we were in awe of how brilliant was the idea to have a platform for women empowerment and a forum for 12 beautiful women with very different characteristics to showcase themselves and prove to the rest of the world that though they might come from diverse background but they should always co-exist,” he said.

Lake said Africell believes that everyone should have a fair chance to explore endless opportunities, stating that telecoms giant believes that providing opportunity would help people thrive “because this land that we love is blessed with talents.”

“We created a voting platform that is very credible, transparent and easy for all to access. Each of the 12 housemates was assigned numbers ranging from 1 to 12.’’

He encouraged fans of the remaining contestants to continue sending messages to the short code 3222 as it was vital to keep housemates in the house before the grand finale this Sunday.

The Big Sister Salone started on September 15th and will end this Sunday, October 14th when the eventual winner will be crowned, taking home Le10 million Leones and a reported brand new Suzuki ALTO 800.

The Big Sister show is sponsored by Africell, AYV Media Empire among others.