‘Audit service to scrutinise CSOs & NGOs’


-says President Koroma

December 16, 2016 By Jariatu S. Bangura

 President Ernest Bai Koroma has assured of his government determination to expand the breadth of accountability and transparency in ensuring that audit services cover local and international non-governmental organisations and civil Society groups that receive monies and implement projects and programmes on behalf of the people of Sierra Leone.

Delivering his address during the State Opening of the last Session of the Fourth Parliament yesterday, the president stated that integrity should not only be displayed in public offices but also exemplified in relationships because it is a driver of employment, growth and success.

“When hard working compatriots in the Diaspora send money to start businesses, build houses or support their communities, do not squander it. Working with integrity with their money will create more jobs and encourage them to create more opportunities in the country,” he said.

According to him, wealth creation was dependent on working diligently when employed by international investors or national businesses and that the availability of jobs does not only depend on opportunities government create but on the work ethic, discipline and integrity of individual citizens.

The president noted that his government has expanded the scope and breadth of performance contracts to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the public sector, as well as increased the coverage and scope of public sector audits.

“In 2015, 90% of government expenditure was audited. Already, the audits of all 19 Local Council Accounts for the financial year, which ended 31st December 2015, have been completed. The Audit Service continues to undertake the audit of all Class “A” mining Chiefdoms. The audit of donor funded projects, including World Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) projects is ongoing. The Audit Service Sierra Leone is far advanced in discussions with the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the audit of projects funded by the ADB,” he told lawmakers and member of the public who had gathered to listen to him as he enters into the final year of his constitutional mandate.

He spoke about his government’s plan to restructure chiefdoms with a view to promoting good governance, peace, stability and social harmony at the local level, as well as undertaking preliminary studies for the restoration of Karene District and the creation of new provinces.

With regards the Justice Sector, President Koroma said reforms have meant the deployment of magistrates and other justice sector officials across the country and establishment of the Legal Aid Board to provide indigent persons with legal representation.