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At Kenema Government Hospital in dire strait

December 12, 2017 By Mohamed Massaquoi

Matron of the main referrer hospital in the eastern region – Kenema Government Hospital – has disclosed in an exclusive interview that the hospital faces series of challenges despite continued efforts by government to improve healthcare services for citizens.

Patients from Kailahun, Kono and other parts of the country are brought to  Kenema government hospital for medical attention, but Matron Elizabeth Kamara disclosed that the hospital lacks ambulance service, a blood bank, shortage of water, among a host of others.

Madam Kamara noted that urgent actions are needed as the situation is degenerating daily.

“We have complained times without number to authorities about the appalling situation in this hospital, but little efforts have been made. We do not have ambulance services. We have trained personnel since January from Kenema,   Kailahun and Kono to provide ambulance services but up till now we are yet to get them to work. Every day we are told there is no money,” she expressed.

“At the moment, we have only one working ambulance for the entire hospital. We are getting huge maternal deaths in this hospital because there are delays in referring patients to the hospital. It is actually frustrating!” she said.

The Kenema government hospital was at the centre of the fight against the Ebola disease. The hospital hosted patients from across the country who contracted the deadly virus.

“This is a referral hospital; we have done our best by working very hard as healthcare service providers to our people. The International Rescue Mission has been providing ambulance services especially for lactating mothers and pregnant women and children but since they left, the hospital has been in shambles,” she revealed.


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