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At DOFA buffet lunch for the aged… 102 years old World War veteran shares experience

December 3, 2021

By Kweku Nelson

“The Japanese were stubborn but we conquered them. At one time, I was sleeping on duty when an enemy troop attacked us; I was almost killed but my life was speared, so I thank God for that,’’ Pa Sorie Sesay narrates.

102 years old Pa Sorie Sesay is an ex-military officer who participated in the 2nd World War.

Yesterday at the Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel in Freetown, Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA) and the management of the hotel the aged with buffet lunch and Pa Sorie was among those that benefitted from the gesture.

 The 2nd World War Veteran who was deployed in Burma in the South-East Asia, thrilled audience with stories of the war and thanked DOFA and Radisson  for hosting the buffet and prayed that the program continues.

It was a surprise to some selected aged persons when on 2nd December; Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA), and the Radisson Blu Hotel offered them a free lunch buffet.

The lunch buffet was a remarkable event attended by relatives of the aged, journalists and management of Radisson Blu.

Founder of DOFA, Doreen Barrie stated that food is important to healthy aging and that the reason for the lunch buffet was to give the aged persons a feel of the festive season.

She explained ‘’ we feel good to give back to the aged. We want people to see the reason that we should care for the aged because they once cared for us when we were young. DOFA wanted aged persons to have a good time and have a feel of the Festive season. We were at 98.1 FM in the October when an aged person said that her wish was for President Bio to take the aged out to Radisson Blu for a yummy lunch. DOFA made a request to Radisson Blu who responded positively.’’

 Food and Beverage Manger at Radisson Blu, Christopher George expressed that the management of the Hotel felt humble to host a lunch buffet for the aged.

He said the hotel is committed toward providing support for the aged, hence he encouraged people from all walks of life to support DOFA in caring for the aged.

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