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At Court Martial…

Prosecutor pleads for two more weeks!

NOVEMBER 13, 2014 By Alusine Sesay

Prosecutor Gerald Soyei has pleaded for more time to prepare his reply to the defence, after defence counsels submitted that fourteen soldiers tried for mutiny by a special court martial have ‘no case’ to answer.

Defence counsels made a ‘no case submission’ on 2nd October 2014, with lead counsel Julius N. Cuffie Esq., submitting that the prosecution had failed to adduce solid evidence to implicate the fourteen soldiers, all of whom pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of mutiny and failure to report a mutiny.

 “My Lord, I will first of all apologise for failing to submit my reply. It has been a lot of work and needed to be typed. Numerous issues were raised with regards the 14th accused and I do not want the reply to be flimsy and clumsy,” pleaded Principal State Prosecutor, Gerald Soyei Esq.

He added: “I really endeavoured to meet the deadline but to no avail. I am applying for two weeks adjournment to arrest all technical issues raised by my learned colleagues.

But the lead defense counsel objected to the adjournment, arguing that the prosecution had already been given over a month to prepare their reply, noting that the prosecuting was only buying time to delay the matter.

“The time given to the prosecution was reasonable enough to have completed and present their reply. We are not unreasonable enough for an adjournment but we are totally opposed to the two weeks. My Lord, we are asking for a week’s adjournment in the interest of progress,” Cuffie said.

However, Judge Advocate Otto During upheld the application, according to him, in the interest of fairness and justice.

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