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At Court Martial

I hope the witnesses will not be persuaded to tell lies in this Court Martial Trial
I hope the witnesses will not be persuaded to tell lies in this Court Martial Trial
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Next articleWHO Country Representative replaced By Mohamed Massaquoi Dr. Mufunda, Jacob World Health Organization, (WHO) Country Representative has been withdrawn from Sierra Leone a week after President Ernest Bai Koroma openly expressed his disappointment during his visits to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the WHO Country Office at Cantonment Road, Off King Harman Road, Brookfields. However WHO Information Officer, Joy Ribatta in an exclusive interview with Concord Times said the replacement of Dr. Mufunda, Jacob is part of WHO policy to rotate it staff from one country to another for efficiency in their work. She said for the past months since the Ebola outbreak, Dr. Jacob has been working hard to meet WHO standards in respond to the outbreak nothing that her organization is committed to the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone and the entire West Africa Sub-region. She said Jacob has worked tirelessly since the outbreak and it is necessarily for him to have a break for other personnel to take the leadership of the country office. “A high powered delegation from WHO and United Nations Headquarters will be in the country to meet with stakeholders including government officials on Monday to discuss, the UN agencies responds to the outbreak, with specific reference to the role of WHO over the past three months” she said. Impeccable sources within State House revealed that Jacob has not been giving the necessarily advise to the government of Sierra Leone in dealing with the Ebola outbreak. “It is good that the president was very strong in his statement during his visit to the WHO chief. Our international partners should treat us will all the seriousness we deserve,” our source stated. But President Koroma has early registered his utter dismay over the slow pace of the International Community in response to his clarion call to support the fight against Ebola outbreak since May, 2014. “I am disappointed at the international community in their delay in responding towards the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone,” the President said. “We have not been provided with enough equipment, resources, qualified health officers, and we have lost the only expert we had in the country to the disease amidst the declaration of the international health emergency on Ebola.” He disclosed that he had had discussions with the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon and the U.N. Chief promised to be in touch with the Director General of the WHO to address the situation. “I think we have made an appeal to the international community and we have taken the measures that we should take, but we still do not have much response and I am disappointed at them over the delays to respond to the situation,” he maintained.

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