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At court martial…

Captain Kamara closes case

May 2, 2019

Ibrahim K. Turay

The first accused in the ongoing court martial trial of three military personnel, Captain Edwin  Kamara, has on Tuesday closed his case before Board Members and the Judge Advocate, Justice Momoh Jah Stevens.

Captain Kamara had told the court during cross examination that he was not in charge of signing requisition form, but Colonel S.P Sesay did.

He said all documents pertaining to training excises he conducted between 2008 and 2013 were sent to the Joint Logistic Unit, with none left in his possession.

Captain Kamara also presented two witnesses who confirmed that he conducted trainings for the Joint Presidential Guard Force (JPGF) between 2008 and 2013.

One of the witnesses, Staff Sergeant Ibrahim T. Bangura, told the court that he was assigned at the Presidential Lodge on April, 2008, identifying the first accused as his former boss.

He said during his tenure at the lodge, he was directly taking orders from Colonel S.P Sesay and Captain Kamara.

He said Captain Kamara was part of the training excises that took place between 2009 and 2013.

Sergeant Ibrahim T. Bangura also said that he was a participant in the five training exercise that took in various locations including the Armed Forces Training Centre at Benguma, adding that they used different types of ammunition for the excises.

He further said that AA one barrel, AA double barrel, bomb, LMG and other small and light weapons were also used during the training secessions.

He said most of the time they would make use of all the rounds they took to the training centre, adding that he attended five training sessions during his stay at the Presidential Lodge.

Also, Staff Sergeant Eshaka Bundu told the court martial that he was the truck driver at the Presidential Lodge, and that he was in charge of taking the ammunition to the training centre at Benguma and Freetown Garrison Battle School.

Bundu said he was in charge of returning all ammunition that were not used after any training excises conducted at Benguma or at the Freetown Garrison Battle School between 2008 and 2013.

 He also told the court that he witnessed five deferent training secessions.

Staff Bundu also said Captain Kamara was part of the training and was taking directives from him whenever they have any training or other issues at the lodge.

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