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Defense opens case with testimony from Capt. Kamara

March 27, 2019

By Patrick Jaiah Kamara

Defense lawyers, Ady Macauley, Drucil Taylor and Amadu Koroma have opened their case and started off with the first accused, Captain Patrick Edwin Kamara, who made a token start of his testimony at the Military Headquarters on Wilkinson Road.

The prosecution closed their case yesterday after leading about 21 witnesses and it was now the turn of the defence to disprove the prosecution witnesses by summoning their own witnesses. During this period, the accused persons would move from the duck to the witness box to explain their own side of the story to the Bench.

Counsel for the first accused, Ady Macauley, told the Judge Advocate and board members that he would lead three witnesses including his client and his colleague, A. Koroma, who represented the third accused, opted to lead his client alone as witness, while Drucil Taylor was not certain on the position of the second accused.

“I can’t tell if I would lead any witness in evidence in respect of my case.  But I have to have a conference with my client outside this building. This is our case so we have to be meticulous in presenting it. My Lord, I would furnish the court next week if we are calling a witness or not,” he said.

Before Captain Kamara took the witness box, there were arguments as to whether the other accused persons should stay in court while their colleague testified.

The lead State lawyer, Allieu Vandi Koroma argued that since the accused was taking the witness stand, it would be proper for the other accused persons to stay outside.

“My Lord since the accused is now a witness and his colleagues as well, except the second, whose position is yet unknown, it will be good if they stay outside. It is just like when a prosecution brings more than one witness to court, they stay outside. That is the practice,” he said.

In the end, the Judge Advocate, Justice Momo Jah Steven, stated that ‘whatever one accused says in evidence against the other would stand’.
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Earlier in his brief address, lawyer Koroma highlighted the charges for which the accused persons were before the court.

However, the three accused persons, Patrick Edwin Kamara, RSLAF 18165301 Warrant Officer Class one, Samuel Conteh and RSLAF 18167256 Warrant Officer Class two, Abu Bakarr Jalloh are before the court on five count charges but they have denied all the charges.

Meanwhile, the men are being tried by a Judge Advocate and five Board members including Lieutenant Colonel Kerifa Kamara as president of the board,    Lieutenant Colonel A.B Keita, Major Victor Momoh, Major Brima Ngavuwa Sama, and Major Sallieu Kallon.