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Prosecution calls for property of ex-Tourism minister to be confiscated

January 17, 2020

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Robert Kowa, lead prosecutor in the on-going Commission of Inquiry presided over by Justice Bankole Thompson, has submitted to the Commission that the worth of former Minister of Tourism and Culture’s  property exceeds his lawful earning as a minister, thus calling on the Commission to confiscate his property.

He made the submission while making his final address to the commission and told the presiding judge that he relied on the exhibits tendered to the commission in respect of the former minister’s property, especially the declaration form certificate and the property valuation report respectively.

He said the valuation report of the former minister’s property (house) stated that the house is valud one million two hundred thousand United States Dollars,equivalents to nine billion six hundred million Leones.

He called on the attention of the presiding judge to take note of the two years tenure of office of the former minister, noting that the total salary for twelve months was four hundred and eighty seven million Leones.

In his reply on behalf of the former minister, Counsel Ade Ade Macauley, submitted that the burden is on the state to prove the matter as contained in Section 4(d) Roman figure one and two of the Constitutional Instrument of 65 2018.

He called on the judge to put little or no weight to the valuation report done by one Olu Campbell, noting that the valuator is incompetent and that they used the wrong exchange rate to value the said property.

He said the former minister has stated in his declaration form he made to the House of Parliament before his approval that, he had an unfinished building that he has already spent the sum of eight hundred and fifty million Leones in developing it.


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