At Beijing International Chinese College (BICC)…


Journalists Schooled on Chinese Culture

March 1, 2018 By Joseph S. Margai in Beijing


Performance of traditional Chinese folk music
journalists pose for a group photo after the performance

Forty-seven (47) journalists from Africa, South and South-East Asia, Caribbean and the Pacific were yesterday (February 28) schooled on Chinese culture at the Beijing International Chinese College (BICC).

The event, which was sponsored by China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA), titled: “Deep Exploration of Chinese Culture”, was meant to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the Chinese language, culture, education, customs, cuisine and people’s livelihood.

Speaking at the event, which started with a performance of traditional Chinse folk music, Ms. Gao Yuan, Programme Director at BICC, said the deep exploration of Chinese culture for the forty-seven journalists commenced on Wednesday.

She said journalists should know the Chinese language because it would help them adapt to their new environment, which has few number of Chinese citizens that could speak foreign languages.

“In the next ten months while you are here, we will continue to teach you the Chinese way of cooking, dressing, dancing, among other cultures. We will also take you to places like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and help you to adapt in China very well,” she assured the group of foreign journalists.

Ms. Yuan said journalists were expected to provide photography exhibition to BICC at the end of the ten months exercise and a summary report in a form of a booklet.

She pledged BICC’s commitment to ensuring that the journalists learn Chinese language before they leave for their respective countries in December this year.

Ms. Bai Lingyan, Deputy Director of Public Diplomacy Division in the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said culture was very important to any country.

Ms. Lingyan cautioned that starting a new life in any country could be very difficult for any guest, but pledged the commitment of China International Press Communication Centre to make life better for the 47 journalists during their stay in the country.

She said the journalists should let more people in their various countries know about China from what they have witnessed, seen or touched in China.

She stressed the need for cooperation and inclusiveness of nations for the achievement of their common goals.

The event ended with team building activities wherein journalists were taught how to say front, back, right and left in mandarin Chinese and other activities in the Chinese culture.