Assault on Journalists…


Police to invite Sanusi Bruski, Herbert Williams for questioning 

April 11, 2018


A source at the Criminal Investigation Department at Lumley Police Station has intimated that Sanusi Bruski and Herbert George E. Williams are to be invited for questioning in relation to assault and malicious damage offences.

The duo, together with thugs under their control, attacked and brutalised journalists covering the March 31 presidential runoff election.

Bruski, who was seen together with the disgraced former Mayor of Freetown City Council, Williams, attacked Concord Times reporter Patrick Jaiah Kamara at Mafa Field Polling Centre, Lumley. Our reporter was targeted on the allegation that he had taken snap shots of a melee at the polling centre where voting had stopped for about an hour as Bruski and his thugs ran riot.

No sooner our team arrived at the Mafa Field than Bruski rushed at Patrick, who had on him a Cannon EOS70D camera and a recorder, apparently jittery that their illegal activities to stop voting has been captured on camera, hence his ill-advised decision to physically attacked the reporter.

Bruski violently yanked the camera that was strapped around the neck of Patrick, destroyed the zoom and illegally confiscated the memory card which had hundreds of pictures as part of our election coverage.

The thugs under his control and acting on his directives repeatedly hit Patrick on his head, temple, and cheekbone. They also tore his shirt and vest and stole his money, all in the full view of both the police and military that had been deployed at the polling stations to provide security.

Meanwhile, Patrick and his witnesses have made their statements to Police and are now waiting for the Police to interrogate the two suspects before charging the matter to court.